From the creators of the industry standard Bitlab mining suite


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100% Proof-of-Stake crypto-currency

PoS / MN reward split: 25% / 75%

Masternode collateral: 300,000 MRG

Block time: 72 seconds

Our Vision

We strongly believe in integrity. A crypto-currency product made by crooks will always be short-lived and crash as a burning fiasco. Our team is open about our vision, our values and our roadmap.

We also believe in security. Decentralization is paramount to cryptocurrency resilience to attacks. A Proof-of-Stake currency does not require costly hardware and lots of power to secure the network. Not only we are ecologically responsible, we're also provide top-notch network security.

Some of the core values of the team are - integrity, honesty and transparency. We will always be outspoken about our plans for the coin. We will do our best to create value for the holders of MIRAGE - we want it to be a viable investment.